About us

What we do

Data Thistle is a listings technology business that provides the UK's largest set of live events data. Think music, theatre, art and pretty much anything that people can attend. We collect event listings from more than 10,000 venues across the UK and collate them into easy-to-use formats so that they're ready for use across multiple industries.

We also publish event listings on our site, DataThistle.com, run a dedicated cinema listings site and comprehensively cover the Edinburgh Festivals. Additionally, we write up-to-the-minute editorial content around ticketed events, helping people find the best tickets first.

Our software developers, based in Edinburgh, build our sites, data systems and other technology, working closely alongside our team of content producers, editors and writers.

Who we are

Data Thistle is from The List Ltd.

The List Ltd previously owned and published under the brand 'The List' and operated the domain list.co.uk. Those assets have been sold to a new company, List Publishing Ltd, which is under entirely different ownership.

List Publishing now operates a new website on the list.co.uk domain and publishes print titles including The List magazine and The Guide To Scotland's Festivals.

This brand change arose because The List Ltd decided it was being pulled in two different directions by the divergent requirements of a Scottish magazine and our data and technology business that was scaling across the UK. It was felt that the best way forward, to allow each business to thrive, was to separate.

Under the new arrangement, List Publishing is a customer of Data Thistle, receiving live event listings every day.

Who uses our data?

Our partners/customers come from a variety of sectors and industries, all with different use cases:

  • Destination marketing organisations use our data to give people great reasons to visit their town, city or country
  • Transport companies use it to inspire people to travel, to avoid clashes with engineering works and to predict future demand
  • Media companies use it as content that they can sell advertising around and earn revenues selling tickets to events
  • Hotels use it in their CRM to drive more guest stays and to better understand their clientele
  • Smart cities can use it to predict how congested roads will be in their city or when extra services such as waste disposal might be required

The range of uses is growing all the time but is focused around two main areas:

  • Live events inspiring people to take an action whether that's a trip by rail, a hotel booking or a visit to a new country
  • Events data as a window into the future, predicting demand for services which helps businesses and organisations make better decisions

If you are interested in a feed of our live events data, please get in touch.

How does this help the events industry?

The business behind Data Thistle started collecting information on live events back in 1985. The aim was to bring arts and culture to the widest possible number of people. Now, we distribute live events information to audiences in excess of 10 million unique users per month through our partnership network. For promoters and venues, these are new audiences that they otherwise would not be able to reach.

Events information

We gather events directly from the box offices of venues such as theatres, cinemas, festival organisers, galleries and more and work closely with ticketing platforms to acquire their events data.

This structured data is supplemented by online submissions curated by our content team. All user-submitted event listings are published free of charge. You can submit your event here.

You can also find a short summary of our approach to sourcing data.


Data Thistle has offices at 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.