James Blunt says coronavirus has been a 'blessing in disguise'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 June 2021
James Blunt

James Blunt

James Blunt had suggested that the coronavirus pandemic has been a "blessing in disguise" for his music career as it has allowed him to take a much-needed break

James Blunt has described the coronavirus pandemic as a "blessing in disguise" for his career in music.

The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker had been set to go tour before the global pandemic caused the industry to be put on hold and James suggested that it allowed him to take so much-needed time away from music.

James – who shares two sons with wife Sofia Wellesley – said: "I was supposed to be on tour for a year and I was sent home. And, you know, for me that was probably a very good thing because I haven't spent time at home with my family, ever.

"I've been promising that I would take a year off from music at some stage, but I was lying, probably.

"And so this is very good – to spend time at home, do things that adults do and family people do. And so perhaps it has been a blessing in disguise for me."

James, 47, had also opened a pub in London prior to the COVID-19 crisis and quipped that he "really picked the wrong businesses".

He told the Henley Standard newspaper: "Well, I mean, I’m definitely in the wrong business. With the pandemic the music business completely closed down and all touring stopped.

"We were just a month into what was supposed to be a world tour and we were sent home, which was obviously devastating. I’m in the pub business too — I bought myself a pub — and obviously that closed down, so I really picked the wrong businesses.

“That’s why it’s very exciting that we should be preparing to get out on the road again."