Lee Mack's sitcom Semi-Detached won't return for 2nd series

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 June 2021
Lee Mack in Semi-Detached

Lee Mack in Semi-Detached

Lee Mack's sitcom 'Semi-Detached' will not return for a second series, writer Oliver Maltman has confirmed

Lee Mack's sitcom 'Semi-Detached' has been axed.

The 52-year-old star led the cast of the BBC Two comedy as wedding DJ Stuart, who faces a mid-life crisis with his ex-wife living a few feet from his new family, and writer Oliver Maltman has confirmed the show has not been given another season.

He wrote on Twitter: "Regrettably, we won't be returning for a second series, but we're very fortunate the BBC gave us such free rein with our ideas and so lucky to have worked with such an amazing cast and crew."

Samantha Spiro and Ellie White played Stuart's ex-wife and new girlfriend respectively, and other cast members included Patrick Baladi and Neil Fitzmaurice.

Lee previously revealed the talented cast left him doubting his own ability, as he believed they are all much better actors than he is.

He said: "They really were an amazingly good cast. I was surrounded by people that are far more experienced actors than me, especially in the world of comedy acting.

"I was nervous, I turned up thinking, 'Can I do this? These guys are much, much better than me,' and they were brilliant.

"The main challenge is that I'm in every single scene. I think there was one scene, the only time in the whole series, where the camera follows someone else.

"I'm not in every shot so sometimes it's cut between different characters, but my character is in every scene.

"I used to complain that actors say 'I'm tired' but now I'm like, 'I'll keep my mouth shut when actors complain it's tiring.'"

The series aired for six episodes last year.