Bob Mortimer wants to lose weight to reduce cancer risk

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 September 2022
Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse

Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer star in Gone Fishing

'Gone Fishing" star Bob Mortimer wants to lose weight to reduce his risk of cancer after finding out how waist measurements can impact your health

Bob Mortimer wants to lose weight to reduce his risk of cancer.

The 63-year-old comedian – who appears with friend and co-star Paul Whitehouse on their hit BBC show 'Gone Fishing' – discusses his health in the new series and explains that if an area around your waist measures over 102cm, you could be prone to more than 20 cancers.

Bob – who is around 104cm – told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We looked into it because we wondered a little bit, but it was true 22 cancers come on to the table if, as a fella, your waist is over 102cm, and it's less if you're Asian, 96 if you're Asian."

In the first episode of the new series, Bob can be seen with a tape measure at breakfast and says: "I am going to make it my mission to get under 102."

As reported by the Daily Mirror newspaper, it's thought they are referring to a study by Dr. Heinz Freisling in 2017 for the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Freisling's study suggested that your waist size can be just as good at predicting someone's cancer risk as their body mass index, which is a radio of weight to height.

Meanwhile, Bob claimed the upcoming episodes are "a little bit more joyous and funnier" than previous ones.

He added: "It's probably the prettiest, most breathtaking in terms of the places that we visit and we visit the most interesting accommodation.

"We don't catch many fish but those that we caftch are spectacular. I think this series is actually a little bit more joyous and funnier than some earlier episodes.

"We were a little bit more confident this time to do funny stuff."

He explained that while his show with 'Fast Show' comedian Paul wasn't initially meant to be a "comedy commission", it has evolved.

He explained: "In this series, I think we've had the confidence to be a bit naughtier, a bit sillier, you know?"