Harry Hill: TV Burp jokes were too harsh!

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  • 8 May 2023
Harry Hill

Harry Hill thinks TV Burp was too harsh

Harry Hill thinks he went "a bit far" with the jokes on 'TV Burp' and even though fans beg him on social media to bring his comedy show back, admits that ITV bosses have not reached out to him

Harry Hill thinks he went "a bit far" with the jokes on 'TV Burp.'

The 58-year-old comedian wrote and starred in the ITV Saturday night comedy series from 2001 until 2012 which saw him poke fun at all mediums of television that had been broadcast over the week – including soap operas such as 'Coronation Street', talent shows like 'The X Factor' as well as other factual series – but admits more than a decade after quitting the show that it was "quite harsh" and some celebrities such as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver stopped him from featuring clips from their shows on the programme.

He is quoted by The Daily Star newspaper as saying: "We always used to say it was a celebration. But the truth is, if you look at it, some of it was quite harsh. I think we did go a bit far. After a while, Jamie Oliver didn’t let us use any clips of his shows."

However, Harry – who worked as a doctor before pursuing a career in showbusiness – went on to add that that fans often get in touch with him begging him to revive the series, but admitted that ITV bosses have not reached out and knew he was "fed up" with making the show when he qut in the first place.

He added: "I get asked to bring it back at least once a day. If you go on social media, I get comments asking for it to come back. ITV hasn’t done that. When I said I wanted to finish the show in 2012, they didn’t try to persuade me to keep doing it. I had a good relationship with them and they knew I was fed up with doing it."