Cathie and Tricia shocked by their Race Across the World triumph

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 May 2023
Race Across The World

Cathie Rowe and Tricia Sail won the BBC show

Cathie Rowe and Tricia Sail won the BBC show, despite being the oldest team

'Race Across the World's Cathie Rowe and Tricia Sail felt "disbelief" after winning the BBC show.

The childhood friends overcame the odds to win the show's £20,000 prize, and Cathie has confessed to being shocked by their success, after they reached the last checkpoint in Newfoundland, Canada, ahead of their younger rivals.

Cathie, 50, said on the show: "I'm totally elated, I feel just total elation mixed with a bit of disbelief. I'm overwhelmed, it's incredible. I think it's the best way to say thank you to all of the people in Canada who have helped us get here. It's just unreal."

Cathie and Tricia travelled the breadth of Canada – which the world's second largest country – to claim the prize of £20,000.

And Tricia – who has a degenerative eye condition – admitted to being amazed by their success.

She said: "When we got there and opened the book, it was disbelief. After spending five-and-a-half hours on that first day stuck in Stanley Park, how we got to the finish first, I do not know."

Cathie explained that her experience in Canada has already encouraged her to do more travelling.

The TV star revealed that she's been trekking through the rainforest in Thailand after returning home from the show.

She joked: "I’ve got more interest in doing a bit more exploring and seeing a bit more, rather than just lying on the beach."

Cathie and Tricia approached the show with a clear strategy, and shortly before they reached the finish line, they felt confident of claiming victory.

Cathie said at the time: "We feel like we’re in a really strong financial position.

"Our plan has been to make sure we have some money left for taxis if needs be for the final leg. We’ve managed to achieve that so I feel comfortable that we’ve got a thousand dollars left and that should get us where we need to go, quickly."