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Fatboy Slim announces Loves Summer UK and Ireland tour 2024: how to get tickets

Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim announces Loves Summer tour coming to the UK and Ireland summer 2024

DJ and record producer Fatboy Slim tours through the UK next year after his 25th anniversary celebrating the rerelease of You've Come a Long Way, Baby, Fatboy Slim's first album to peak the UK charts. Tickets are available at 10am on Friday 3 November.

When is Fatboy Slim touring?

  • Friday 14 June 2024 – Fairview Park, Dublin
  • Saturday 15 June 2024 – Eden Sessions, Cornwall
  • Friday 5 July 2024 – Castlefield Bowl, Manchester
  • Saturday 6 July 2024 – Open Air Theatre, Scarborough
  • Monday 7 July 2024 – Tofte Manor, Bedfordshire
  • Saturday 20 July 2024 – SWG3 Outdoors, Glasgow
  • Friday 9 August 2024 – Galway Airport, Galway
  • Saturday 24 August 2024 – The Piece Hall, Halifax

Tickets are available for Fatboy Slim's Loves Summer tour dates at 10am on Friday 3 November.