Brian May and Kerry Ellis release Panic Attack

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 June 2017
Panic Attack artwork

Brian May and Kerry Ellis Panic Attack artwork

Brian May and Kerry Ellis have released new single 'Panic Attack' in the hope it will "bring light" to the world during hard times

Brian May and Kerry Ellis have released single 'Panic Attack' from their joint album 'Golden Days'.

The Queen guitarist and the 38-year-old singer - who have been collaborators for more than 13 years - hope the latest song taken from their second studio album will "bring light" to the "darkest moments" happening across the world at the moment, especially following the horrific terror attacks in Manchester and London recently.

May, 69, said: "This track is straight from the heart and is designed to bring light to your darkest moments."

Ellis added: "It works like a mood-altering drug."

The record features five original compositions, two by May, including the title track, and three by May and Ellis, and it also includes new arrangements of classic songs including a tribute to the late blues virtuoso Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott , 'Parisienne Walkways'.

Speaking about the record, May previously said: "This album is a true collaboration between Kerry and myself.

"Five years ago, 'Anthems' was the result of me producing an exciting new artist - Kerry Ellis. This new record has both our names on it, and breaks new ground. We produced ourselves together as a team. I feel confident it's the best thing we've ever done and a worthy testament to 13 years of belief. It also happens to feature Britain's most beautiful voice!"

Also featured are the 'We Will Rock You' hitmaker's remakes of 'Born Free', the May-Ellis 'The Kissing Me Song', a re-cast of Ruth Moody's powerful 'One Voice', and a new version of 'Amazing Grace'.

Alongside the classics are brand new self-penned high-energy offerings such as, 'It's Gonna Be All Right' (The Panic Attack Song) and 'Roll With You' and 'Love In A Rainbow'.

The new record follows 2013's 'Acoustic by Candlelight' LP, and is a real treat for fans of the duo as it comes after Brian was forced to postpone a series of show with Kerry in December after battling with a "persistent illness".

'Golden Days' is out now.