Contacting Data Thistle

Find the correct contact

I want to list my event with you

You can list your event via our form or on the forms linked from our partner sites. We will import your event to our database, publish it on and pass it to our partners (based on their area of coverage).

If you have a box office system or a ticketing platform, please contact us at . We can save you a lot of time as we should be able to set up an automatic import.

General enquiries about listings can be sent to . We'll respond to you as soon as we can.

I'm interested in getting a data feed of live events from you

We'd be happy to talk through your needs and find a solution for you. Contact our information services department at .

I'm a data client of Data Thistle (formerly The List)

If you have any questions regarding your service, please get in touch with our content team:

Accounts and billing

If you have questions regarding your account payment, please contact our accounts department.

I'm an affiliate partner

If you'd like to become an affiliate partner of Data Thistle, please get in touch with our affiliate team:

You can advertise your event on For paid campaigns, we can offer an MPU format at decent display rates. We are unable to offer other formats, including video, overlays and requests for other formats or programmatic services will not be considered.

Get in touch with to find out more.

I want to send you my press release

Please send your press release to one of the following:

Technical support

If you require technical support or think you've discovered a bug with the website, please contact technical support.

General enquiries

We are a live events data business. We are unable to answer questions about what the seating is like at the venue, which order the support acts will appear or any similar queries.

For questions like this, please contact the venue, cinema, restaurant or ticket provider: you may be able to find their contact details on their listing on or search for the venue directly.

We will ignore any requests of this nature.

To expand on this, we do not accept guest posts or similar types of promotional material.

If you have an enquiry that has not been covered by any of the above points, please contact general enquiries. We'll respond in due course.