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333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6NG
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Alasdair Beckett-King: The Interdimensional ABK

Mick Perrin Worldwide The award-winning Alasdair Beckett-King returns to this timeline with a dimension-hopping stand-up comedy show. Is a better world possible? Yes! It already exists, but you don’t live there. ABK makes the best of a bad timeline in this ramshackle jaunt through a multiverse of wonders. Also, Winston…

Thu 18 May 2023

£15 / 0141 212 3389

Babatunde Aleshe: Babahood

Join the multi award winning star of Celebrity Gogglebox as he talks family and fatherhood in this highly anticipated debut tour. As seen on Jonathan Ross Comedy Club (ITV1), Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains (Comedy Central) and Mo Gilligan’s Black British & Funny (Channel 4).

Sun 5 Feb 2023

£13.50 / 0141 212 3389

Bona Fide

Join regular host Jay Lafferty for Bona Fide is a comedy show with a difference. Jay invites the cream of Scotland's comics to prove their worth by performing material written especially for the theme of the night. You will have never heard any of this before - you probably won't again. Every night is for one night only!…

Wed 26 Oct

£8 (£7; Members £7) / 0141 212 3389

Wed 23 Nov

£8 (£7; Members £7) / 0141 212 3389

Bona Fide Christmas Special!

Join regular host Jay Lafferty for Bona Fide is a comedy show with a difference. Jay invites the cream of Scotland's comics to prove their worth by performing material written especially for the theme of the night. You will have never heard any of this before - you probably won't again. Every night is for one night only!…

Wed 21 Dec

£8 (£7; Members £7) / 0141 212 3389

The Bugle 15th Anniversary Live Show – Live

The Bugle, one of the known universe's longest-running and most successful podcasts, celebrates its 15th anniversary with a series of live performances. Launched by Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver in 2007, The Bugle has been satirising the planet and related topics ever since. Andy co-hosted with John for the show's…

Sun 30 Oct

Sold out / 0141 212 3389

Darren Connell and the Funny Bunch

Come and join comedian Darren Connell at his brand new show “Darren Connell & The Funny Bunch” for a chance to see some of the best and more established acts on the circuit trying out new material. You may know Darren as Bobby from Scot Squad but his unique stand up style and dark sense of humour has been a hit on the…

Sun 23 Oct

£8 (Members £8) / 0141 212 3389

Elf Lyons: Love Songs to Guinea Pigs

A surreal tale of love and loneliness from comedian Elf Lyons.

Sun 16 Oct

£15 / 0141 212 3389

Elf Lyons: Raven

Mick Perrin Worldwide in association with BBAM Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show nominee Elf Lyons floats to the Fringe with her new horrifying comedy show inspired by Stephen King. Part mad clown comedy spectacle, part Hammer horror. Elf becomes your own personal Pennywise as she merges horror techniques with old school…

Sun 16 Oct

£15 (Members £15) / 0141 212 3389

The Friday Show

The Friday Show Join us for a mixed-bill four act show. Line-up tbc

Fri 14 Oct

£15 (£12; Members £12) / 0141 212 3389

Glenn Moore: Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, Glenn I’m Sixty Moore

Avalon Management 'Glenn Moore' (List) follows up last year's Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination with a new hour of 'brilliantly original' (, 'blissfully silly' (Guardian) jokes. He used to have a very different job to this, and now he's finally brave enough to spill the beans about it. ★★★★ (Guardian…

Sat 12 Nov

£13.44 / 0141 212 3389

Grace Campbell: A Show About Me(n)

Mick Perrin Worldwide presents Grace Campbell: A Show About Me(n) Grace, 'one of the funniest women in Britain' (Times), following her hugely successful sell out Edinburgh 2022 run, takes her brand new show ‘A Show About Me(n)’ on tour across the UK in Spring 2023. This is a show about her two lifelong passions; men and…

Sun 5 Mar 2023

£15 / 0141 212 3389

Hal Cruttenden: It's Best You Hear It From Me

  • 3 stars

Observational humour from the TV regular.

Sun 16 Apr 2023

£20.90 / 0141 212 3389

Harriet Kemsley: Honeysuckle Island

Fed up with being told how to look and behave since she was a teenager, Harriet is taking a long hard squint at the beauty industry through her two remaining false eye lashes. As seen on Live at the Apollo, 8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown, Hypothetical, Roast Battle, Guessable, As Yet Untitled, Comedy Central at The…

Wed 30 Nov

£14 (£12; Members £12) / 0141 212 3389

Hayley Ellis – The Invisible Mam

Becoming a mum and then going into lockdown is not how Hayley Ellis imagined maternity leave. For starters no one could babysit. Catfishing mums, buying contraception online and lactating monster energy drink are the new normal along with a lifetime ban from mumsnet.

Sat 19 Nov

£10 (Members £10) / 0141 212 3389

Henry Normal

Armed only with a chair and a mic, stories, jokes and poetry Henry Normal takes on the world looking for a win-win situation. Henry is a writer, poet, TV and film producer, founder of the Manchester Poetry Festival (now the Literature festival) and co-founder of the Nottingham Poetry Festival. Henry co-wrote and…

Thu 20 Oct

£18.56 / 0141 212 3389

Isy Suttie: Jackpot

Ever since she can remember, Isy has been searching for ways to make her life more exciting: ouija boards, exploring derelict houses and jumping off things for a bet. She often meets others who share the same love of pushing the boundaries: the Welsh taxi driver who found a mischievous way of brightening up his day, and a…

Wed 12 Oct

£16.50 (Members £16.50) / 0141 212 3389

Jen Brister: The Optimist

If Jen Brister has learned anything in the past 18 months, it’s that she’s no good in a crisis. (Unless you count getting into the foetal position in under 30 seconds.) Has the pandemic changed her for the better or is she the same old pessimistic naysayer she’s always been? I think we all know the answer to that. Let’s…

Thu 6 Oct

£14 (£12; Members £12) / 0141 212 3389

Jessica Fostekew: Wench

Jessica Fostekew / Strip Light Productions A new show about private things, public things and trying to wrap your big sexy arms around time to keep it still. You’ve seen Jessica on Live at the Apollo and QI, amongst other telly shows. She’s a regular co-host of The Guilty Feminist Podcast, the host and creator of The…

Mon 7 Nov

£14 (£12; Members £12) / 0141 212 3389

Jordan Brookes: I've Got Nothing

The comedian tries to find human connection before the world ends.

Wed 19 Oct

£15.40 / 0141 212 3389

Jordan Brookes: This Is Just What Happens

IAM What do you do when the end of the world finally comes and you realise it’s going to happen slowly and boringly? No sudden meteor strike. No thrilling zombie apocalypse. Just a gradual ebbing away of life as you knew it. Do you fight to fix things before it gets worse, dedicating your life to making the world around…

Wed 19 Oct

£14 (Members £14) / 0141 212 3389

Justin Moorhouse: Stretch & Think

Justin is back: still funny, yet middle aged. A brand new show that may contain: Yoga, getting older, Madonna, shoplifters, Labradoodles, middle-aged cyclists, The Menopause, running, hating football fans but loving football, not drinking, funerals, is Tapas a rip off?, Captain Tom, Droylsden, the environment…

Wed 29 Mar 2023

£16.50 / 0141 212 3389

Kiri Pritchard-Mclean: Home Truths

Berk's Nest in association with PBJ Management & Little Wander Kiri Pritchard-McLean is back and a lot has happened over the last few years. She’s moved back to her home island of Anglesey and gotten some rescue chickens. You can expect jokes about skinny jeans, learning Welsh and white supremacy – something for…

Mon 17 Oct

£15 (£13) / 0141 212 3389

Lauren Pattison: It Is What It Is

Lauren Pattison / Strip Light Productions Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee Lauren is back with a brand-new show. She is reluctant to say what it is about because if the last year has taught her anything, it's life can change fast… it is what it is. Let’s just say sometimes you need to fall apart to rebuild…

Sun 9 Oct

£12 (Members £12) / 0141 212 3389

Maisie Adam: Buzzed

Maisie Adam: Buzzed (Work In Progress) Fresh from Live at The Apollo, Mock The Week, and The Last Leg, Best Newcomer nominee Maisie Adam is back with a brand new show for 2022, 'Buzzed'. Rammed with witty observations, high-octane energy and some right good jokes. This high-energy show promises to be better than whatever…

Wed 5 Oct

£15 / 0141 212 3389

Marcel Lucont: Le “Best Of”

Top 10 Comedy Shows, Edinburgh Fringe 2019 -Telegraph. Britain's favourite French comedian presents his greatest oeuvres from the past decade, with a live band to abuse. Expect deadpan wit, supreme sex poetry, soaring miserablist chansons and Gallic superiority. As seen on Comedy Central At The Comedy Store, The John…

Wed 2 Nov

£14 (£12; Members £12) / 0141 212 3389

Mark Thomas: 50 Things About Us

Storytelling and stand-up about the British identity and the 'divided wasteland that some of us call the United Kingdom' from comedian Mark Thomas.

Thu 1 Dec

£17.50 / 0141 212 3389

Mark Thomas - Black and White

Mark Thomas / The Stand Comedy Club Hi-de-hi darlings – welcome back. Expect creative fun from one of our oldest surviving alternative comics. Taking down politicians. Mucking about. New ideas and finding hope. This award-winning comedian (is there any other type?) asks how did we get here? What are we going to do about…

Thu 1 Dec

£17.50 (£10) / 0141 212 3389

Monday Night Improv

Monday Night Improv It's a night out like you've never experienced! Award winning comedians and special guest stars make up hysterical comedy based entirely on your suggestions. Just come along and watch the mania or be a part of the show and watch the chaos unfold; anything can happen! Never same show twice hosted by…

Mon 14 Nov

£8 (£7; Members £7) / 0141 212 3389

Mon 5 Dec

£8 (£7; Members £7) / 0141 212 3389

Olga Koch: Just Friends

Berk's Nest in association with IAM Star of Mock the Week, QI, Late Night Mash, Frankie Boyle's New World Order and Edinburgh's Best Newcomer nominee, Olga Koch brings you the rollercoaster romcom you aren't tall enough to ride. Strap in. Directed by Charlie Dinkin. 'Uproarious, gleefully obscene comedy' (Guardian). 'One…

Thu 13 Oct

£15 (Members £15) / 0141 212 3389

Red Raw

Red Raw Our long-running weekly beginner's showcase is regarded as the best open mic night in the UK. Catch up to ten new acts – some treading the boards for the very first time. This is where everyone starts and it's your chance to see the stars of tomorrow today. Watch out for older hands dropping in to try out new…

Tue 11 Oct

£5 (Members £5) / 0141 212 3389

Tue 18 Oct

£5 (Members £5) / 0141 212 3389

Tue 25 Oct

£5 (Members £5) / 0141 212 3389

Rob Auton: The Crowd Show

Avalon The Crowd Show is a comedy/theatre/spoken word show about crowds by award-winning writer, actor and podcaster Rob Auton. The Crowd Show is a show suitable for anybody who wants to be in the crowd for this show. 'A genuine original. Poetical, philosophical, humane, completely charming and funny to boot. (Guardian).

Sun 20 Nov

£12 (Members £12) / 0141 212 3389

Rob Newman: On Stage

Fresh from his BBC Radio 4 series Rob Newman On Air, the award-winning comedian’s new show is a stand-up epic that goes from cave paintings to car-free cities to ask: Who are we? Where are we going? And how do spiders fly? Rob Newman tells a story of how dancing in step saved prehistoric humans and how new scientific…

Thu 8 Dec

£17.50 (£10) / 0141 212 3389

Sarah Keyworth: Lost Boy

Chambers Touring If comedy equals tragedy plus time, then boy, this is going to be good. As seen and heard on Live at the Apollo, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Dark Horse (Comedy Special) on Amazon Prime Video, Roast Battle, The Guilty Feminist Podcast and BBC Radio 4's Are You A Boy Or A Girl? 'Powerful, poignant and achingly funny…

Sat 29 Oct

£14.85 (£12.65) / 0141 212 3389

The Saturday Show

The Saturday Show

Sat 22 Oct

£20 (Members £20) / 0141 212 3389

Seann Walsh – Back From The Bed

Off The Kerb Productions I renamed the tour. Sticking with Same Again? felt a bit triggering after the year we've had. So it is now called Back from the Bed. Some of the material will be the same as I had always planned and some of it will be new because it will be difficult to avoid mentioning the last year in which…

Thu 17 Nov

£15 (Members £15) / 0141 212 3389

Shane Todd – Live!

Northern Ireland's most exciting and beloved comedian; Shane Todd returns to the Leicester Square Theatre for an hour of hilarious stand-up comedy. The star of weekly podcast series; 'Tea With Me’ and ‘We’re Not F**cking Historians’, Shane has previously supported Bill Burr on tour; performed regularly throughout the UK…

Sat 26 Nov

£20 / 0141 212 3389

Simon Brodkin: Troublemaker

The comic and creator of the hugely popular Lee Nelson is back on stage a new stand-up show.

Wed 26 Apr 2023

£25.20 / 0141 212 3389

Simon Day and Friends

Character comic Simon Day (BBC's The Fast Show, The Simon Day Show, Brian Pern and King Gary) performs some of his much loved Fast Show characters including Billy Bleach, Dave Angel Eco Warrior and Tony Beckton. A night of hilarious comedy.

Sun 6 Nov

£20 (Members £20) / 0141 212 3389

Spontaneous Potter: The Unofficial Improvised Parody

Grab your wands, don your house robes, and apparate yourselves to The Stand! A very magical improv show awaits… Spontaneous Potter is an entirely improvised Harry Potter comedy play, based on an audience suggestion of a fanfiction title. An entirely new Potter adventure is magically improvised on the spot - with live…

Mon 10 Oct

£10 (Members £10) / 0141 212 3389

Mon 12 Dec

£10 (Members £10) / 0141 212 3389

Tom Houghton: Honour Tour

“The Honourable” Tom Houghton has been storming the comedy circuit with his hilarious stories and sharp-eyed silver spoon observations. Whether it's growing up with a Dad who is the Ex-Chief of Defense Staff, living in the Tower of London or lifting the lid on the all-boys boarding school environment. Every tale will…

Mon 20 Mar 2023

£15 / 0141 212 3389