Data for business intelligence

Email alerts

Daily alerts sent through to members of your organisation, highlighting any new events in your region that are likely to impact business conditions. Because the data is collected from source, it provides very up-to-date information.

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Presale ticketing alerts

Sometimes events are so large they create an impact before an event takes place. By sending alerts as soon as press embargoes are lifted, your business has the chance to both limit damage and/or take advantage of the opportunity.

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Data provided in a structured CSV. Updated daily and delivered to your inbox, the CSV allows you to easily filter through large volumes of information quickly and for it to be uploaded to other business intelligence systems.

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Calendars provide a visual representation of the busiest times in the month, calculating daily, weekly and monthly potential audiences, colour coded to highlight the busiest periods. Bespoke calendars for any regions of your choice, updated daily with new events. Linking to more information about each event also helps businesses better understand demographic profiles of the audience.

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Bespoke feeds

Want to understand trends or access a data set to train a machine learning tool? Data Thistle has accurate historical events data going back over five years that can be delivered in a range of different formats. Future events data can be ingested into business intelligence tools to provide a window into demand for services up to two years ahead of time.

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Reporting dashboard

Data Thistle makes data trends available through its reporting dashboard which accesses historical and future data, allowing analysis across genre types and geographical regions.

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